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I kind of want to teach an art class except I don’t.

What I really want to do is host a semi-weekly gathering of artists where we talk shop and have themed drawing days and experiment with different mediums and encourage a low stress environment where I ensure there’s enough hot chocolate for everybody.

Umm, yes. This please. One of my friends and I occasionally get together and draw, but I would love for something like this to be a regular thing.

Also, hot chocolate. That is a vital piece of the equation I have been missing.

Writing snippet: clothing prompt

So my dear friend Rion wrote a blog with a challenge to write a <500 word story about a piece of clothing being important to a character. Since several of the characters in my novel-in-progress have plot-significant clothing, I decided to give it a shot. I’ll probably do another too because this one is kind of sad. 

This scene (if it ends up in the eventual finished book/series at all) comes at the very end of things, so I won’t bother with exposition. Let’s just say that everyone has been through a lot.

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Today’s Flight of Fancy: The afternoon rush

Sometimes I imagine I work in a giant building with a sign out front that says,


  • Books
  • Audiobooks
  • E-books
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Internet access
  • Computer assistance
  • Meeting space
  • Homework help
  • Resume assistance
  • Job Search advice
  • Unlicensed therapy
  • And more!”

And then, at roughly 3:30 pm on weekdays, I imagine someone sneaks up to that sign and adds a note at the bottom:

Available for a limited time only! Offer expires in 15 minutes!

That first imagining is no dream; the “Public Library" sign out front might as well list those services because we provide them all.

The second flight of fancy (that our services are available for a very short window of time) is not true. But sometimes when I’m giving people their print-outs, explaining library card signup to teenagers, and checking out one stack of DVDs after another, that is how it feels.

(In other news, September is National Library Card month. If you don’t have one, visit your local library today!)


Steel City Day 1! I met some awesome Studio Ghibli cosplayers! Unfortunately I only got a picture with Kiki, but there was a really cool Totoro too.  (If either of you see this, let me know so I can tag you).  I also ran across my high school French teacher and her daughter in artist alley with Ashes to Ashes FX & Accessories (go check them out!).  SCC is big on famous cars.  Today I got pictures of the DeLorean, the Ecto-1, and the 1966 Batmobile.  Hopefully I’ll get KITT from Knight Rider and the Munsters’ Dragula.  Today was mostly just getting the lay of the land, although I did do a little shopping.  I’ll do an overall shopping post at the end of the con and link to it when I post it.

Psst…I’m the Totoro! I don’t know why we didn’t get a picture together, your Captain America costume was awesome. I don’t think Meghan (my housemate who was cosplaying Kiki) has a tumblr or I would send you her way.

So this weekend is Steel City Con and one of my housemates and I decided to go. It was fun! We dressed as Studio Ghibli characters. Meghan is Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service and I’m Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro. 

This was only the second convention I had ever been to and the first time I’ve gone in costume. I’ve never had so many strangers ask to take my picture! I was surprised at first, but it was actually a nice way to get to interact with people. Something about the Totoro costume acted as a buffer against the social anxiety that usually comes when I’m around large groups of people.

(If any of the lovely folks who took pictures with me want to post them, that’s totally fine. Just let me know if you do, I’d love to see them!)




been feeling kind of paranoid lately









Take that time by yourself to get to know yourself and rediscover what makes you shine. Don’t surrender yourself to waiting, and don’t stay isolated for too long, because there’s a beautiful you the world is dying to meet. 

comics that end sadly but wind up being replied to with love are what I live for

I read the first part and was thinking about reblogging because “oh, I feel like that sometimes!” but then I read then response and knew I absolutely had to reblog. 

Waif and Wood Sprite

Watercolor and colored pencil, 7” x 10”. July 2014.

I did the initial sketch for this…I don’t even know, over a year ago. It was just some sketchy trees and an attempt at a dryad or other tree-creature coming out of one of them. I don’t know what I was thinking when I started it or why I stopped, but it’s been sitting untouched in my watercolor pad for a long time.

Then a few weeks ago I was giving a friend a brief watercolor tutorial (which I’m not in any way qualified to teach, since I’m pretty much self-taught in the medium and far from an expert) and figured I would use the sketch to demonstrate. It got to a point where I liked how the trees were going (I had erased the original dryad-esque figure) but the picture seemed like it was missing something. So I added Citra (a character from my novel-in-progress) and a wood sprite. There is a scene in the story in which Citra does encounter a wood sprite, so it seemed appropriate to add them in.

The wood sprite looks completely different than I had imagined it when I was writing, but that’s okay. This version is much more interesting.

(This is the last of my little art dump for now. Someday I will figure out an efficient way to scan my sketchbooks and then there will be an outpouring of art. But…not today.)

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